September 25-27th, 2023


Join us on our foundational 4x4 backcountry training led by our team of expert guides and certified trainers.

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Bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure, exploration and nature.

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3-Full Days of van-specific Overlanding and Backcountry training

For those who want to
Gain more 4x4 van technical driving knowledge and experience 
For those who want to
Learn how to drive safely and responsibly, understanding the limits of your van
Point to Point
For those looking for
Pro-instructor-guided off-pavement adventure, training, support and guidance


Vehicle-based, on-road and off-road, adventure travel with a focus on self-reliance, resilience, and enjoyment of the journey. 


A geographical area that is remote, undeveloped, isolated, or difficult to access.

Located in beautiful

Moab, Utah

Exploring the land of colossal adventure and geographical wonder of Jurassic proportions

What You Will Learn
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What You Will Learn

Health and Safety; Risk Assessments; PPE overview

Basic bush mechanics

Overview of vehicle 4x4 systems

Off-pavement driving situations, as outlined in the NPTC criteria

Including technical terrain and severe off-camber situations
Slow moving vehicle control and dynamics
Reading the terrain and how to make accurate driving decisions
Mechanical sympathy

Overview of recovery equipment

Types of equipment
Inspection and maintenance
Using properly rated equipment: Working Load Limits; Minimum Breaking Strength; Safety Factors

Load management and estimation calculations
Safe use of vehicle-mounted winches

Safe handling of steel wire rope and synthetic materials
Correct use of recovery points and anchors
Safe rigging techniques

Supervisory and marshaling skills
Avoiding getting stuck
Pre-recovery vehicle stabilization


Meet Your Professional Instructors and Guides

(Instructors for your particular session are subject to change based upon availability and group size)

Jim West

Jim is one of THE REVEL CLUB's lead trainers for many reasons! He is a retired Fire Fighter/Paramedic based out of Phoenix, AZ. He represented the USA on the 1992 Camel Trophy team in Guyana, and then was hired back the following year to pre-scout and create a route book for the 1994 event in Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile. As a result, Jim was asked to assist with the selection and training of every US team from 1993-1998. Also, from that event he developed a working relationship with Land Rover North America in which he has provided driving instruction and emergency medical support while on their events.  

Over the past 30 years, Jim has worked on Vehicle based events in 29 different countries on 5 continents. He has a passion for teaching, whether it's emergency vehicle operations to Fire Fighters or off-road driving, recovery, vehicle selection/prep, or wilderness medicine to civilians. Along with Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, Paramedic, Wilderness Paramedic, Jim also is certified as a City & Guilds NPTC Off-Road Assessor and British Columbia Forest Safety Council Instructor.

Webb Arnold

For decades, Webb has enjoyed being off road on 2 wheels and 4. A lover of the outdoors and motorcycle racing brought him to represent Team USA in the 1991 Camel Trophy in Tanzania-Burundi. After competing, he returned as a trainer for USA Camel Trophy teams. 

Webb has a lifelong passion for Jeeps, and has worked for Jeep on international events and as a trainer. 

Many years in the field means that Webbs bush-mechanic skills are second to none, and that's nothing compared to what he can do in his fully equipped shop! 

Webb has worked all over the USA and further afield teaching both civilian and military teams the art of off-highway driving and recovery. 

Forrest Bault

Fueled by his love of riding, Forrest Bault is a motorcyclist, 4x4 driver and mechanic who makes his home in the southwest. With a thirst for knowledge, Forrest joined the Air Force at age 18 and began his career as a Crew Chief on KC-10 aircraft. While traveling the world, he developed an in-depth understanding of mechanics, metal fabrication, and essential physics of how things work. 

Harnessing that knowledge, he has spent time rebuilding bikes, 4x4s and Overland Vans and competing in vintage trials races, exploring internationally with nothing but a backpack and a motorcycle and completed all of the Backcountry Discovery Routes in the Summer of 2018.  

His passion for off-highway driving and adventure motorcycling continues to this day. When he’s not linking his favorite off-road rides from Colorado to Washington, or working on a custom vehicle build, Forrest can be found teaching off-road riding skills, working as a mechanic and fabricator, and sharing his love of vehicle-based expedition travel with everyone he meets.

Ken Cameron

Not only an experienced Camel Trophy Veteran, Ken has more than 25 years of expeditionary off-road driver training and Racing experience around the world.

In the 1996 Camel Trophy he was 2nd place overall, and accomplished a world first – the East-West 4WD Crossing of Borneo in a motor vehicle.

Ken also trained and evaluated US Camel Trophy candidates and worked as a Land Rover Driving instructor, course architect and designer. As National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) Rally Master he was responsible for physically logging over 1300 miles to record and develop the 100+ page NORRA Mexican 1000 Road Book and GPS data. He is also an experienced/certified EMT.

Ken also owns and operates one of our sister companies, Cameron Advanced Mobility, an off-road/expeditionary driving school for specialist military units.

Pete Sweetser

Pete not only serves as a trainer and guide, but he is also our Club's Vehicle Transport Consultant. For many years, Pete has been teaching Border Crossing simulations, hosting the "Borders and Bribes" round table and teaching Advanced On and Off-Road Driving.

Born in the UK, Petes first adventures were undertaken with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets on training camps across the UK and abroad. Planning, Navigation and survival skills were learned at an early age, culminating with the award of a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship. Pete learned to fly before he could drive.

Pete spent almost 20 years working for UK Customs experiencing all aspects of Customs procedures and spent his last 10 years as a specialist Investigator. It was in Customs he was trained in advance driving techniques.

Getting the itch to travel and inspired by First Overland, Pete completed a global overland expedition from London to Malaysia in an ex Camel Trophy 110 with his wife Michele. They rounded off the adventure with a trip across America ending up in New York just after 9-11. His was one of the first expeditions to drive their own vehicle into China from Nepal and out through Laos. In his spare time he co-founded the Camel Trophy Owners Club and organized their liaison with Camel Trophy management and the Land Rover factory. His off road driving was honed by Camel Trophy competitors such as Bob Ives, from the 1989 UK winning team and Duncan Barbour of the Event Staff.

Having moved to the USA he worked for Land Rover dealerships for 17 years. Almost all of those as a coveted Guild member. He participated in Trek and trained all his staff to utilize the “off road course” at the dealerships. He also built an off road course at the dealership for customer driving days.

He is NPTC off road certified, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Tread Lightly Master trainer. Pete now consults for TV, Film and expeditions on Customs issues, procedures and logistics and extensively with 7P Overland on 4x4 training.

Nick Taylor

Nick is a Colorado-based Brit–originally from Sunderland–and a Chartered Engineer and technologist who became a devotee of the worlds deserts. He’s lived in half a dozen countries and traveled to over 70. Over the last 15 years he’s extensively traveled in the Sahara and Rub’ al Khali, with much practical knowledge of remote solo desert travel.

Elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2002, Nick has delighted in sharing his experience with many expedition groups, individuals and families planning remote journeys.

He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Explorers Club and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. As a technologist, Nick has a particular interest in communications technology and automation, the antithesis of the simple diesel Land Rovers he loves.

Tobin Vigil

Tobin began seeking out wheeled adventures at an early age. Born in the Mojave Desert, he was introduced to overlanding by family friends who would take him on adventures into the desert in an old Willys Jeep. He grew up on a steady diet of buggies and motorcycles, seeking the freedom they encouraged. In addition to enjoying riding and driving off-road vehicles, Tobin is a veteran builder and outfitter.

A born teacher and passionate about sharing what he’s learned, He strives to acquire and apply knowledge, whether that be building house battery systems for rigs or designing and building trails. Tobin is a charter instructor for Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (D.A.R.T.) located in the surprisingly diverse landscape of Oklahoma. In 2017, D.A.R.T. joined Overland Expo, with Tobin as a lead instructor, providing motorcycle training to many eager students. Looking to mix it up, he joined the vehicle training team for Overland Expo in 2021. He and Jenny, his wife, recently sold their bicycle shop and coffee shop in order to pursue traveling and training full time.

Duncan Barbour

Expedition Leadership, 4×4 Driving and Off-Roading are genre synonymous with Scotsman Duncan Barbour who has carved an impressive 25-year career as a world-leading exponent in these fields and built a reputation that is second-to-none.

Inspired by his great great uncle, Henry Alexander, the first man to drive a car (Model-T Ford) up Ben Nevis in 1911, off-Roading is in Duncan’s blood and his naturally chosen and driven career path has taken him to all corners of the globe organising over 50 expeditions through all manner of terrain across seven continents.

From internationally acclaimed events such as Camel Trophy and Overland Expo and the launch of his specialist company BATT (Barbour All-Terrain Tracking) Duncan’s extraordinary skills-set have been sought from a wide diversity of industry, from Motor Manufacturer product launches and incentive expeditions for Land Rover, Jeep, Mercedes and Lexus, to Formula One Teams and the big screen of the Motion Picture Industry, his film credits the envy of many a Hollywood A-Lister.

Graham Jackson

Graham Jackson was born in Lesotho in Southern Africa. He grew up racing motorcycles off-road, as well as helping his father design, build and race off-road buggies. At age 10, Graham completed his first safari across the Kalahari in a Range Rover with his family. That trip planted the seed for Graham’s lifelong obsession with deserts. In 2004, he and his wife completed a 30,000-mile overland adventure from London to Cape Town, which included crossing both the Sahara and the Kalahari deserts.

Graham has guided expeditions in Africa, the American West, Mexico and Central America, and trains US Special Forces on desert operations with a focus on North Africa. A scientist by trade, Graham tries to combine his interest in the natural world, his passion for overlanding and his love of things mechanical. Currently, Graham is the Director of Training for Overland Expo, a member of the Explorers Club, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Field guides Association of Southern Africa.



Three meals and happy hour included daily!
Check out your award-winning Camp Chef! 

Meet Overland Cookery

Established in 2017, Overland Cookery offers industry leading, on-site overland chef services for private parties and corporate events. Our knowledge guarantees the ultimate outdoor dining experience, from intimate to large-group settings, regardless of terrain. 

From a weekend trip to international expeditions, we see food as the common thread that weaves everyone together. 




What You Will Experience

Spend 3 days with us as we take you through our Foundation “Overland and Expeditionary Driving” course.

Don't be surprised if your instructor hops into the passenger seat of your Revel for some one-on-one instruction – a great opportunity to discuss all aspects of off-road and overland travel.

We share a campsite and gather around an open campfire at the end of each day having informal discussions. Our delicious hot meals fit for foodies, prepared on-site by award-winning overland chef, Jason Shaub from Overland Cookery, are a perfect way to end the day sharing and reveling in the experience we just had.

With our expert team of certified 4x4 trainers and new friends, you’ll hear some fantastic stories – the downside being that you’ll want to travel more...

This course starts with the fundamentals, but quickly shows you how to build on those to gain confidence and skill for your own adventures.

On completing this 4x4 foundational driving course you’ll have a good understanding of four-wheel drive systems, basic maintenance, off-highway driving techniques, route selection, basic vehicle recovery, driving on challenging surfaces and safe winching operations.

Although not necessary, we recommend that you bring any recovery equipment you may already own as there’s no better way to safely explore your Revel's limits in a controlled environment and build your own experience, confidence and level of comfort. There will be plenty of demonstration time to learn how to utilize all the equipment and to practice your new skills that you will want to go out on your own with your new Revel friends immediately afterwards!  And, yes, that has happened with our last couple of sessions with a few of our students driving off into the sunset to create new adventures.

You'll be amazed at how just what you and your Revel together can accomplish! Something empowering about that!


Hear the past attendee's speak about their experience with The Revel Club's 4X4 Van Training in Moab, UT.

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