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We love our vendors.
Essentially, they are our partners, making the experience with our Revels that much more special. It takes enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and passion to take the leap to become an entrepreneur and to start a business helping the Revel community.

THE REVEL CLUB wants to reward our dedicated vendors by connecting them with you, the Revel owner and consumer, to help them succeed in their businesses.

Let's help them out and go buy some cool stuff! 


Many of our vendors have so graciously offered discounts to our members of THE REVEL CLUB.*

Trails Offroad

The Trails Offroad team maps trails and creates highly detailed guides so you can choose your type of adventure! From the beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific or the great American deserts, all the way to the highest mountain passes, you can find overlanding, backcountry and dirt roads, or rock crawling trails that suit you.

20% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts. RV Camping At 3054+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms and More!
A membership program that invites
self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays. Members can visit and stay at any of our stunning locations with no camping fees!

15% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Overland Cookery

Overland Cookery rests in acknowledging the interaction between food, family, and the unbound wilderness that surrounds us. From a weekend trip to an international expedition, we see food as the common thread that weaves everyone together, from all cultures and backgrounds.

15% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Backwoods Adventure Mods 

An American made overland accessory manufacturer based out of Springdale, Arkansas. We design and manufacture our own bumpers, rear swingouts, ladders, roof racks, storage boxes, and more for the van and midsized 4x4 market. At Backwoods, we use the industry's latest technology, robotics, tooling, and other equipment to ensure a consistent and efficient product every time.

10% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Scheel-mann Seats 

Life is not perfect, but your seat can be! Scheel-mann® has been the leader in specialty automotive seating since 1966. All of our seats are made in Stuttgart Germany by our team of expert craftsmen.

Building on a heritage of motorsports and performance road car seats, we manufacture a range of orthopedically designed seats for every body.

Peak 10 Customs 

We founded Peak 10 Customs once we recognized the need for simple, effective, reliable and affordable options for the high priced adventure van builds that are being offered out there today.

We are here to make these vehicle builds available to all of you who have questioned whether you can afford the van life with an adventure van and to help you make your dreams an amazing reality.

Discount available to members depending on the product purchased

AAA Membership 

AAA has a tradition of delivering world-class Roadside Assistance to members, as well as a package of other benefits and services designed to provide you
with safety, security, and peace of mind.

Coming Soon

Colorado Fairing

Colorado Fairing Co. will design and manufacture a custom fairing for your conversion van, truck or sedan. The fairing is the most prominently seen accessory on every roof rack. Colorado Fairing Company offers a unique, Patent Pending, alternative to the missing or bland fairing on your vehicle. Choose from an ever-growing library of designs. Show off your style, your passion, or your Colorado pride! We can even work with you to create the perfect custom fairing tailored exclusively to you!

10% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Boulder Nomadic

Coming from a love of functional design, Boulder Nomadic uses carefully thought solutions to make your van visions come to life. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship when it comes to simple installations and complicated custom work. 

Sprinter&Benz Service LLC

Sprinter & Benz LLC is here for your Sprinter Van and Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We are located in Northglenn,CO and ready to provide quality vehicle repairs and maintenance work at a reasonable and transparent price. Our success rides on the goal of providing the finest Mercedes and Sprinter Repair Shop services possible. Technicians are dealer trained and certified with 14 years of combined experience. We progressed from the dealer to help the community of high-end vehicles for a more understanding cost. 

Adrenaline Vans LLC

Adrenaline Vans is your source for Sprinter performance upgrades, aftermarket accessories and services based in Western Colorado. Suspension | Performance | Fuel Solutions | Lighting | Bumpers And Accessories | Bumpers | Winches | Ladders | Roof Racks | Storage Solutions | Motorcycle Racks and Chocks | Tire Carriers | Cargo Boxes | Outdoor Showers | Fairings | Roof Vents | Windows | Window Tint | Wraps and Custom Graphics | Custom Powder Coating.

The Shop Automotive

The Shop Automotive is a full service auto repair shop. Our master technicians are trained in all European, Domestic, and Japanese vehicles. Founded upon the principles of hard work, the highest quality car care service, and an unmatched dedication to our community.

We strive to provide these quality local auto repair services at the best possible value to our neighbors in Boulder. Our licensed, certified, and trained auto technicians bring more than 40 years of industry experience to the board, and together they have logged thousands of hours of factory training.

10% OFF Labor for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Canyon Adventure Vans

Canyon Adventure Vans. As owners of the Winnebago Revel 4x4 and Storyteller Overland Mode, we quickly realized there are so many unique and different needs for the garage area. We decided to create solutions that are geared towards the empty space.

Fast forward two years, and we now have over 100 different products to enhance your adventure van. We will continue to create and develop solutions and enhancements for the ultimate van life. 

Clauson Custom Hardwoods

Clauson Custom Hardwoods. Honest Work with Wood. Dave is a woodworking enthusiast and a full-time high school engineering teacher. His mission is simple: to provide high-quality, handmade products to suit your tastes and needs. Through open communication, creative collaboration, and exceptional service, he caters to each project’s specific criteria.

What you'll find here is the product of the partnership between Dave and his clients. Cruise the inventory, see if you find something you like, or propose a new idea!

Sprinter Van Shop

Sprinter Van Shop. Insulated window covers for van conversions. 

15% OFF Mercedes Products Only for THE REVEL CLUB Members

White Top Adventures

White Top Adventures. We make Quality, Affordable products for Outdoor Adventures!

Vanlife Outfitters

Vanlife Outfitters has been around since 2016 and is one of the most established resources on the internet for DIY and small professional van builders. We offer a wide variety of products, blog posts, videos, wiring diagrams and other content to make your van build a success. We are the exclusive North American retailer of The Flat-Jack, an innovative and inflatable solution to leveling your camper van. The Flat-Jack saves you time, energy and headaches when leveling your van. They are also easy to clean, take up virtually no space and are made of a highly durable military-grade material.

Lucid Wraps

Lucid Wraps. Wrap Technician for Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Installation. I love wrapping because everyday is different and a new challenge. My favorite vehicles to wrap are anything overland and off road because that is one of my personal hobbies and loves.

Guzzle H2O

Guzzle H2O drinking water systems purify and filter water to provide you with the best tasting, cleanest water possible. Our carbon block water filtration removes contaminants and impurities by physically screening them out. Our UV-C LED water purifier disinfects the water, removing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. All in a single device. All at the push of a button. No pumping, no waiting.

Flatirons Tint and Clearbra 

Flatirons Tinting & Clear Bra. For Tint, Clear Bra, and Vinyl installation in Boulder County! Flatirons Tint and Clear bra is your number one source for automotive window tint and clear bra serving the greater Boulder area. At Flatirons Tint and Clear bra we use only the best material in the industry along with the highest installation standards to give you the best possible protection for your vehicle.

Overland Gear Guy

Custom storage bags, seat organizers, pouches, window coverings, tool bags, and more for campervans. Overland Gear Guy products are made to order. We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality, made in the USA products designed to last a lifetime. With our products you get products customized to your needs, no minimum quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens, our items are covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty. 

10% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

Gazelle Tents

At Gazelle Tents, we know the importance of spending time outside with the people you care about. We enjoy spur of the moment camping trips or simply relaxing in our backyards with friends and family. Our products create a way for you to enjoy those special moments with less hassle.

15% OFF for THE REVEL CLUB Members

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THE REVEL CLUB brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure, exploration and nature. We connect those who value the spontaneity and the freedom of travel, but also want to belong to a tribe to share in the camaraderie - to create Relationships, to share Experiences, to speak "Van talk", to Educate and to be educated, but most of all, our members seek to belong to a community to share in the Lifestyle we know we are privileged to have in this lifetime and inspire others to achieve the same. 


*Disclosure: We only endorse companies whose products or services we've personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. If you grab anything we mention using our referral links or coupon codes, on occasion, we may receive a small commission. However, there is no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our Revel partners!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for joining our community and for adding to the fun! Let's find friends, become family, and go out into the wild and enjoy every minute exploring with our vans!