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Vehicle Transport Consultant

Customs, Borders, Planning and Logistics


Helping you transport your vehicle across lands, oceans and continents



Customs, Borders, Planning and Logistics

Helping you transport your vehicle across lands, oceans and countries


Introducing THE REVEL CLUB

"Vehicle Transport Consultant"

We love to travel. And sometimes we love to travel to far away lands. 

THE REVEL CLUB introduces you to an expert consultant who can assist with your more complicated transport needs for your vehicles. 

Whether you want to take your van on a global expedition or simply transport it across the U.S., our Vehicle Transport Consultant can assist.  

Meet Pete Sweetser

Your Vehicle Transport Consultant

Born in the UK, Pete spent 20 years working for HM Customs his last 10 years in the elite Investigaton Division where he was trained in high speed on-road and surveillance driving.

In 2000-2001 Pete and his wife Michele completed a global overland expedition from London to Malaysia in an ex Camel Trophy Defender 110. The adventure concluded with a trip across America ending just after 9-11. His was one of the first expeditions to drive their own vehicle into China from Nepal and exiting through Laos. 

Emigrating to the USA he sold and managed at Land Rover dealerships for 17 years. As a highly regarded product specialist he spent almost all of those years as a coveted Guild member. He participated in Trek and trained all his staff to utilize the “off road course” at the dealerships for product demonstration.

Pete now consults for Expeditions, Film and TV companies and is a Military Mobility Instructor and one of the team of Overland Expo 4x4 driving instructors. His specialty is naturally Customs and Borders and logistics.

He is a UK Police certified advanced driver, NPTC off road certified, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Tread Lightly Master trainer. 



Pete is able to provide advice on rules for both import and export of your vehicle. He has the ability to arrange Carnet de Passage for bigger trips where required.

Confused with Red Tape? Stressed about where to start, what to expect and how to work through Customs procedures? We have you covered wherever you wish to travel. We can provide advice on rules for import and export in general and can help you find specifics for you and your planned route.

"How much should I expect to pay for a Carnet?"

"Do I need one?"

"Where do I start and what do I need?"

"How long are they valid, Can I renew them?"

If these are your worries, don’t! We have the ability to arrange Carnet de Passage for bigger trips where required and has exceptional contacts with the US issuers of Carnets. No need to worry. Don’t need a Carnet but not sure about TIP (Temporary Import Permits? We can advise on those too.

*A Carnet de Passages en Douane is a document that facilitates the temporary importation of vehicles, or other property of significant value, across international borders without incurring customs duties.

Borders & Planning

With Pete involved, there is no need to stress out about ensuring all your paperwork is correct when border crossings are involved.  As an instructor in the popular course otherwise known as "Borders and Bribes" at the Overland Expo since almost the beginning, Pete will walk you through everything you need to know to get you through safely.

Worried about being shaken down at a border? Don’t know where to go, who does what and why it's all even needed? Don’t be. We have you covered.

From Visas to Vaccinations we can help you be more confident and prepared for border crossing. As an instructor specifically about border crossings at the Overland Expo since the second event, Pete has developed tactics and policies that will help you through the borders seamlessly.

We’ll help you prepare everything you need, how to obtain it and how to present it. You’ll end up with a plan for every border, knowledge of what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. We can also role play real scenarios with you to push your comfort at home before you implement the plan abroad in real life.


Pete can assist you in arranging a shipping company to move your vehicle and agents to deal with the paperwork at ports.

"My stuff’s going to get stolen."

"I don’t want to leave my Van anywhere."

"How can send my Van securely to Colombia?"

"What about all my valuables in the Van, what happens to them?"

We can handle those and many other questions. We have contacts for Roll-on Roll-off Shipping or container options for your gear.  We can assist you in arranging a reputable shipping company to move your vehicle and agents to deal with the paperwork at ports.

Still have questions on what happens at ports and what the costs might be?

Just reach out and we’ll work it through with you.

We can help you plan the entire process or just advise you on specific areas of concern you might have.


If you have a specific trip in mind and want to discuss options and concerns with someone who’s done it, we can help.

From weekend trips to Baja to global expeditions, we have what you need to succeed.

Making vehicle transport easy.

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